Blurb Reveal: The Color Project by Sierra Abrams

Today we will be having a blurb reveal (new thing for me) here! And it’s for The Color Project by Sierra Abrams! She has been dreaming of writing a book for years and will now be a self-publishing author! This is what we’ve had from Sierra’s blog. But we get a bigger, better, official blurb today!

YA Contemporary
Expected publication: October 2017

“THE COLOR PROJECT is, at its heart, about a girl with insecurities finding a community full of amazing, different, strange, beautiful people.
It’s about a sweet boy and first love.
It’s about heartbreak and hardship.
It’s about the darkness before the dawn….and the dawn, because the sun always rises.
It’s about family – the family of your blood and the family you make.
It’s about my own sufferings and trials and triumphs.
It’s about my own hopes and dreams and desires.
It’s about the everyman everygirl.”

You can add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads and vote for TCP on all these lists! And please do! (click on image)


So now it’s time for the official blurb!

(Click to enlarge)

About the Author:

Sierra Abrams.jpg

At 7 years old, Sierra Abrams decided that one day she would publish a book. Over the next several years, in between exploring different career opportunities, she kept coming back to her first love: writing. Now her life consists of pantsing books of all kinds… Kissing books, angsty books, killing books, whimsical books, and sometimes books that are all of the above. Aside from writing, Sierra adores reading (preferably also kissing books), travel, sushi, and her husband, Henry Cavill. Sign up for her newsletter here!

Sierra Abrams: Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram



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